The Connected Financial Model

A financial playbook that's always up-to date. Built for recurring revenue businesses.

Build your first Baseline Forecast in 10 minutes.

Getting Started with Flightpath

Connect Quickbooks Online

Connect your Quickbooks Online to Flightpath using our onboarding wizard for a real-time access to your historical data.

Build a Baseline Forecast

Flightpath analyzes your accounting history and builds a Baseline Forecast, or a Last Four Months (L4M) Model .

Customize Your Forecasts

Build more accurate forecasts using our advanced models, such as Hiring Plan, Revenue Forecast and Cash Flow Forecast.

Build a baseline forecast for free.

"The insights provided by having accurate financials and forecasts at our fingertips gives us a competitive advantage, not to mention peace of mind."
Chad Keck
CEO, Founder,



Hiring Plan

Get visibility to your SaaS company’s largest investment – its’ people.

Flightpath’s Hiring Plan will let you forecast salaries, payroll taxes, benefits and raises for your current and future hires.

You can build multiple scenarios based on your projected performance: For example, you might want to hire Sales people faster in your Optimistic scenario, and place a hiring freeze in your Fallback plan.

Performance-Based Scenarios

Create multiple scenarios for your business and track how you are trending against each scenario.

Know the right time to accelerate or pull back to ensure you never run out of cash.

Reporting Dashboard

Create a custom dashboard to track your financial performance on areas that matter most.

Build a section for your team’s operational needs, and add tables and charts your investors or advisors care about.

Budget to Actuals

Compare monthly actuals to your budget – or even the last month’s forecast.

Our continuous forecast predicts where you will be in the future based on the performance of the previous month(s).

Revenue & Cash Forecast

Annual payments giving you a headache?

Our SaaS experts will help you build a custom SaaS Revenue Forecast for your New Customer MRR, Expansion, Contraction and Churn, while accurately modeling the effect of your subscriptions and renewals.

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