• Financial Modeling as a Service

    A playbook that's always up-to-date and comes with expert finance support.

Monthly Service

Flightpath Modeling Platform

Access your up-to-date financial model anytime on the Flightpath Connected Financial Model. No more spreadsheets floating around with uncertainty of the latest version. Invite your Management team and investors to a single shared playbook.

Help From Our Finance Experts

Our finance & operations experts are here to help design, build, and maintain a financial model that will be one of the most important tools your management team will use. Our experts are available to you over Google Meet and on your private Flightpath Slack Channel.

Budget vs Actuals Review

Each month, your dedicated finance expert will host a performance review with a member of your management team. The purpose of this meet is to understand your actual performance vs. the budget, and adjust the forecasts to account for the latest changes in your business.

"The insights provided by having accurate financials and forecasts at our fingertips gives us a competitive advantage, not to mention peace of mind."
Chad Keck
CEO, Founder, Promoter.io


Bottoms-Up Revenue Model

Accurately track & forecast revenue and cash. Building each model customer-by-customer, or bottoms-up, allows us to paint the true picture when dealing with a mix of monthly and annual subscriptions.

Hiring Plan

Get visibility to your payroll spending by tracking your current employees and forecasting new hires, raises, and bonuses. Build scenarios based on company performance.

Flightpath Autopilot Forecasting

Many your forecasts can be put on an autopilot, where you set it once, and review 2-4x a year. For example, you might want to forecast your Software Expenses by using a 3-month average or Hosting costs as a % of Revenue.

Budget vs. Actuals Tracking

Compare your company's actual performance to the board approved budget - or even to the previous month's forecast. Our continuous forecast displays how are you doing at the moment, and where are you predicted to be in the next few months or a year.

Online Dashboard & Metrics

Calculate your key metrics such as Gross Margins, CAC, LTV and CAC Payback Time. If the metrics aren't where they should be, forecast them out to see when things will get better. Your metrics are persistent - as new data comes in, your metrics will update.

Performance-Based Scenarios

Create scenarios for your business based on your optimistic forecasts (that were probably communicated to the board), actual performance, or even a fallback plan. Know the right time to accelerate or hold back to ensure you never run out of money.

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