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Full Stack Engineer – Remote


Interested in being part of a dynamic team at a funded, revenue-generating startup that will change the way tech companies forecast and run their business?

Flightpath Finance is building a Connected Financial Model to provide forecasts, reports and metrics to the CEOs, CFOs and founders of fast-growing tech startups. Comprehensive financial planning tools have traditionally been reserved for the enterprise, but startups and growing tech companies alike need visibility to their business. Flightpath’s platform creates a three statement financial model that integrates with 3rd party SaaS tools such as Stripe and Quickbooks to give the decision-makers access to real-time data, while providing roles-based access for team members and investors to operate out of the same playbook.

We are looking for a strong, creative Full Stack Engineer to work closely with the product team of three: CTO, Senior Software Engineer and the CEO. As employee #5/6 your work will matter A LOT, and you get to see the efforts put in use by CEOs and founders of other companies on a monthly basis.


The Stack:
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