Meet the Flightpath Team

Flightpath started as a financial consulting business by former tech founders to service other founders. We know what it feels like to be in your shoes and understand the needs of a business like yours - we probably have seen it before. Our goal is to create a financial services company that uses software like no one else before.

Our Team

Jaakko Piipponen

Co-Founder & CEO
Jaakko runs the financial modeling at Flightpath. During his previous startup, Jaakko realized how much fast-growing tech companies need help with forecasting their financials. He started a consulting business to alleviate that, until he realized that there's an opportunity to productize financial modeling.

Ricky Davila

Co-Founder & CTO
Ricky leads the product development at Flightpath. Previously, Ricky was the founder of consulting/software company Laborgrid, and he has helped numerous companies to build visual interpretations of their data. On his free time, Ricky geeks out on electronic dance music.

Luke Owen

Luke leads customer success at Flightpath. Previously, Luke was the Co-Founder & CEO of Trueability and was part of the Leadership team at Rackspace from 2003-2012 as Director of Fanatical Support. Luke is an active leader in the San Antonio startup community and a proud Techstars Alumni.

Samuel Bolduc

Software Engineer
Samuel handles the engineering on both the client-facing and backend products at Flightpath. Prior to this role, Samuel was the lead engineer at Tylio, a marketing pages service. He enjoys working in startup environments and is passionate about cutting-edge web tech and development techniques.
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