Meet the Flightpath Team

Flightpath started as a financial consulting business by former tech founders to service other founders. We know what it feels like to be in your shoes and understand the needs of a business like yours - we probably have seen it before. Our goal is to create a financial services company that uses software like no one else before.

Our Team

Jaakko Piipponen

Co-Founder & CEO
Jaakko runs the financial modeling at Flightpath. During his previous startup, Jaakko realized how much fast-growing tech companies need help with forecasting their financials. He started a consulting business to alleviate that, until he realized that there's an opportunity to productize financial modeling.

Ricky Davila

Co-Founder & CTO
Ricky leads the product development at Flightpath. Previously, Ricky was the founder of consulting/software company Laborgrid, and he has helped numerous companies to build visual interpretations of their data. On his free time, Ricky geeks out on electronic dance music.

Luke Owen

Co-Founder & CCO
Luke leads customer success at Flightpath. Previously, Luke was the Co-Founder & CEO of Trueability and was part of the Leadership team at Rackspace from 2003-2012 as Director of Fanatical Support. Luke is an active leader in the San Antonio startup community and a proud Techstars Alumni.

Samuel Bolduc

Software Engineer
Architecting and managing fault-resistant, scalable and highly-available backend systems
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